Billy Beer

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Found this while helping my friend move out, apparently from his grandpa’s beer stash from the 70’s. Some great Simpsons jokes came up. We did vote for the wrong Carter. 😉

From Wikipedia:

Billy Beer was a beer first made in the United States of America in July 1977, by the Falls City Brewing Company.[1] It was promoted by [2] Billy Carter, the younger brother of then-President Jimmy Carter.[3] The beer was produced by Cold Spring Brewing, West End Brewing, and Pearl Brewing Company.

Quotes on the can:

Brewed expressly for and with the personal approval of one of America’s all-time great beer drinkers – Billy Carter.

I had this beer brewed up just for me. I think it’s the best I ever tasted. And I’ve tasted a lot. I think you’ll like it, too.

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